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ABDODYNAMICS is the deep abdominal muscle sheathing technique of the Jarrousse method of posturo therapy. It secures, by the consistency of its biomechanical and myological study, results of form and strength results without precedent.

The abdominal muscles being made up of several layers (deep and superficial), Natacha Jarrousse settled on an in-depth study of the movement of the masses in space, to create the chronology of the abdominal work of Abdodynamics.

The movements are simple and original. They respect the coordination of the muscles of the stomach with the muscles of the back, and thus participate in rehabilitative techniques of decompensation which relieve back pain at the lumbar level as well as at the cervical level.

The ABDODYNAMIC® of the Natacha Jarrousse method of posturo therapy is at the top of innovative abdominal training techniques because it offers abdominal dynamics through movement, rather than static reinforcement which is not always well translated by the body. in its relation to space, in movement.

The impact of holding the belly by a musculature that has become fluid and invested in the usual daily gestures, is the strong point of this fitness education.

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