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Natacha Jarrousse has relied on 11 years of research in facial anatomy and myology to create a powerful and very original facial massage, which combines an internal-external action. A phase of increased vascularization supports the drainage of toxins out of the cranial box and a revival of cerebral oxygenation. An increased hydration phase supports the needs of the skin and facial muscles.

This facial stimulation is recommended weekly for a month, then twice a month for two months, then monthly maintenance as an original systemic and metabolic stimulus, pleasant and effective.

The ACUFACIAL JARROUSSE massage is also an ideal anti-aging protocol that boosts collagen production and stimulates existing collagen in the deep layers of the skin. Its ability to regenerate the hydrolipidic film, to smooth wrinkles, to increase the density of the skin, to avoid infections under the fealers, makes it an aesthetic protocol suitable either pre/post injection of botox and yaluronic acid , or in addition to non-invasive aesthetic treatment.

The ACUFACIAL JARROUSSE is a kind of excellent facial muscle training session to maintain an energizing muscle tone, effective on a biological level and on a psychological level to secure the identity associated with the self-image.

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