Easy, recreational, invigorating

In immersion, in suspension, in split

Aquatic cardio training, excellent for preserving the joints

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AQUADYNAMICS is an invigorating aquatic bodybuilding session lasting 60 to 90 minutes, created by Natacha Jarrousse. It is taught in the form of a program of 6 sessions, ideally carried out on a weekly basis.

It is a program where you take pleasure in letting go and giving your all because it is built on an anatomical logic that reassures. Natacha has 34 years of experience as a swimmer, and her expertise in biomechanics enables her to master the behavior of joints when exercising at high resistance in the water.

AQUADYNAMICS was born from his study on the difficulty of balancing resistance loads in water. For example, it is impossible for the arms and legs to print a strictly rectilinear path in the water. For this reason, many extension movements will be performed in the decline position. The transmission of force and the development of muscular power will thus be ensured.

Learning to build muscle in the water without equipment develops explosive strength, tone and general physical condition. The silhouette is refined.

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