Learn about the 26 keys to self-coaching, the jarrousse method

Master discernment, decision-making power, active listening

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J COACHING is the personal development course of the Jarrousse method. It is built on 11 years of neuroscience research.

J COACHING is scalable and adaptive. It is taught in the form of one-hour private sessions for the general public and for corporates, or in seminars for the general public and company training.

J COACHING is part of the patient's follow-up, once the posturo therapist has made his diagnosis, carried out the initial posturo-cognitive realignment check-up, and identified the patient's care needs.

The selection of cognitive educational adapted to the patient is established by the postural therapist. The implementation of cognitive education is coached by the J COACH Jarrousse method, which takes care of taking the individual to a higher level of intellectual mobility, creativity, mobility and emotional stability.

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